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Complexity and the arrow of time

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21 Scopus citations

High-Resolution Electron Microscopy

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263 Scopus citations

Information and the nature of reality: From physics to metaphysics

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52 Scopus citations

The genetics and development of scoliosis

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Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning, and Human Wellbeing: An Ecological and Economic Perspective

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Mathematical and statistical estimation approaches in epidemiology

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Sequence alignment: Methods, models, concepts, and strategies

Rosenberg, M. S., Mar 11 2009, University of California Press.

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The religion and science debate: Why does it continue?

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Transport in Nanostructures

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Handbook of physiological research methods in health psychology

Luecken, L. & Gallo, L. C., Jan 1 2008, SAGE Publications Inc. 461 p.

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Quantum aspects of life

Abbott, D., Davies, P. & Pati, A. K., Jan 1 2008, Imperial College Press. 442 p.

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Understanding Mother-Adolescent Conflict Discussions: Concurrent and Across-time Prediction from Youths' Dispositions on Parenting

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Fundamentals of nanoscale film analysis

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51 Scopus citations

Grove Karl Gilbert: A great engine of research

Pyne, S., 2007, University of Iowa Press. 306 p.

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Key topics in landscape ecology

Wu, J. & Hobbs, R. J., Jan 1 2007, Cambridge University Press. 297 p.

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74 Scopus citations

The Panda's black box: Opening up the intelligent design controversy

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8 Scopus citations

Thinking about gödel and turing essays on complexity, 1970-2007

Chaitin, G. J. & Davies, P., Jan 1 2007, World Scientific Publishing Co. 347 p.

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15 Scopus citations

Scaling and uncertainty analysis in ecology: Methods and applications

Wu, J., Jones, K. B., Li, H. & Loucks, O. L., 2006, Springer Netherlands. 351 p.

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Non-equilibrium dynamics of semiconductors and nanostructures

Tsen, K. T., Jan 1 2005, CRC Press. 261 p.

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On evaluating curricular effectiveness: Judging the quality of K-12 mathematics evaluations.

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Research output: Book/ReportBook


Geology of the Zuni Plateau: New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook 54

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Research output: Book/ReportBook

EarthScope education and outreach program plan

Hall-Wallace, M., Benthien, M., Boyd, T., Marvinney, R., Meertens, C., Semken, S., Taber, J. & Wald, L., 2002, Washington, DC: EarthScope.

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Radical constructivism in mathematics and science education: Essays in honor of Ernst von Glasersfeld

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Research in Collegiate Mathematics Education VII

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Research output: Book/ReportBook


VR Excursions: Exploring Earth’s Environment

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