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It's not just what you have, but how you use it: solar-positional and behavioural effects on hummingbird colour appearance during courtship

Simpson, R. K. & McGraw, K., Sep 1 2018, In : Ecology Letters. 21, 9, p. 1413-1422 10 p.

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Response to Beriain

Saha, K., Hurlbut, J. & Jasanoff, S., Dec 1 2018, In : Trends in Biotechnology. 36, 12, p. 1206-1207 2 p.

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Public Opinion
Social Norms
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Asynchrony among local communities stabilises ecosystem function of metacommunities

Wilcox, K. R., Tredennick, A. T., Koerner, S. E., Grman, E., Hallett, L. M., Avolio, M. L., La Pierre, K. J., Houseman, G. R., Isbell, F., Johnson, D. S., Alatalo, J. M., Baldwin, A. H., Bork, E. W., Boughton, E. H., Bowman, W. D., Britton, A. J., Cahill, J. F., Collins, S. L., Du, G., Eskelinen, A. & 24 othersGough, L., Jentsch, A., Kern, C., Klanderud, K., Knapp, A. K., Kreyling, J., Luo, Y., McLaren, J. R., Megonigal, P., Onipchenko, V., Prevéy, J., Price, J. N., Robinson, C. H., Sala, O., Smith, M. D., Soudzilovskaia, N. A., Souza, L., Tilman, D., White, S. R., Xu, Z., Yahdjian, L., Yu, Q., Zhang, P. & Zhang, Y., Dec 1 2017, In : Ecology Letters. 20, 12, p. 1534-1545 12 p.

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ecosystem function
ecosystem services
land policy
land management

Incentives for Galápagos protection

Gerber, L. & Quiroga, D., Oct 20 2017, In : Science. 358, 6361, p. 313-314 2 p.

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LepNet: The Lepidoptera of North America Network

Seltmann, K. C., Cobb, N. S., Gall, L. F., Bartlett, C. R., Basham, M. A., Betancourt, I., Bills, C., Brandt, B., Brown, R. L., Bundy, C., Caterino, M. S., Chapman, C., Cognato, A., Colby, J., Cook, S. P., Daly, K. M., Dyer, L. A., Franz, N., Gelhaus, J. K., Grinter, C. C. & 27 othersHarp, C. E., Hawkins, R. L., Heydon, S. L., Hill, G. M., Huber, S., Johnson, N., Kawahara, A. Y., Kimsey, L. S., Kondratieff, B. C., Krell, F. T., Leblanc, L., Lee, S., Marshall, C. J., McCabe, L. M., McHugh, J. V., Menard, K. L., Opler, P. A., Palffy-Muhoray, N., Pardikes, N., Peterson, M. A., Pierce, N. E., Poremski, A., Sikes, D. S., Weintraub, J. D., Wikle, D., Zaspel, J. M. & Zolnerowich, G., Mar 24 2017, In : Zootaxa. 4247, 1, p. 73-77 5 p.

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North America

Addressing obesity in homeless children

Levine, J. A., McCrady-Spitzer, S. K. & Batko, S. M., Sep 23 2016, In : Science. 353, 6306, p. 1374-1375 2 p.

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Homeless Youth
Food Supply
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In reply

Schiffman, J. D., Schmitt, D. L. & Maley, C., Apr 26 2016, In : JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association. 315, 16, p. 1790-1791 2 p.

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Biological Evolution
Disease Resistance
DNA Damage
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Phosphorus accumulates faster than nitrogen globally in freshwater ecosystems under anthropogenic impacts

Yan, Z., Han, W., Peñuelas, J., Sardans, J., Elser, J., Du, E., Reich, P. B. & Fang, J., Oct 1 2016, In : Ecology letters. 19, 10, p. 1237-1246 10 p.

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freshwater ecosystem
anthropogenic activities
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The ORFeome Collaboration: A genome-scale human ORF-clone resource

Wiemann, S., Pennacchio, C., Hu, Y., Hunter, P., Harbers, M., Amiet, A., Bethel, G., Busse, M., Carninci, P., Diekhans, M., Dunham, I., Hao, T., Harper, J. W., Hayashizaki, Y., Heil, O., Hennig, S., Hotz-Wagenblatt, A., Jang, W., Jöcker, A., Kawai, J. & 24 othersKoenig, C., Korn, B., Lambert, C., LeBeau, A., Lu, S., Maurer, J., Moore, T., Ohara, O., Park, J., Rolfs, A., Salehi-Ashtiani, K., Seiler, C., Simmons, B., Van Brabant Smith, A., Steel, J., Wagner, L., Weaver, T., Wellenreuther, R., Yang, S., Vidal, M., S Gerhard, D., LaBaer, J., Temple, G. & Hill, D. E., Feb 25 2016, In : Nature Methods. 13, 3, p. 191-192 2 p.

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Chemoreceptor Evolution in Hymenoptera and Its Implications for the Evolution of Eusociality

Zhou, X., Rokas, A., Berger, S. L., Liebig, J., Ray, A. & Zwiebel, L. J., Aug 12 2015, In : Genome Biology and Evolution. 7, 8, p. 2407-2416 10 p.

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Odorant Receptors
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On the importance of first principles in ecological theory development

Marquet, P. A., Allen, A. P., Brown, J. H., Dunne, J. A., Enquist, B. J., Gillooly, J. F., Gowaty, P. A., Harte, J., Hubbell, S. P., Okie, J., Ostling, A., Ritchie, M., Storch, D. & West, G. B., Jan 1 2015, In : BioScience. 65, 4, p. 342-343 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

development theory
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Global sustainability versus the Malthusian-Darwinian dynamic: A reply to Rull

Nekola, J. C., Brown, J. H., Kodric-Brown, A. & Okie, J., Aug 1 2013, In : Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 28, 8, 1 p.

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A focus on the synapse for neuroprotection in Alzheimer disease and other dementias [5] (multiple letters)

Brenner, S. R., Kurlan, R., Coleman, P. & Federoff, H., Jun 14 2005, In : Neurology. 64, 11, 1 p.

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Nerve Degeneration
Neuroprotective Agents
Cell Communication
Synaptic Transmission