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Towards a synergy framework across neuroscience and robotics: Lessons learned and open questions. Reply to comments on: “Hand synergies: Integration of robotics and neuroscience for understanding the control of biological and artificial hands”

Santello, M., Bianchi, M., Gabiccini, M., Ricciardi, E., Salvietti, G., Prattichizzo, D., Ernst, M., Moscatelli, A., Jorntell, H., Kappers, A. M. L., Kyriakopoulos, K., Schaeffer, A. A., Castellini, C. & Bicchi, A., 2016, In : Physics of Life Reviews. 17, p. 54-60 7 p.

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Erratum: Accurate macromolecular structures using minimal measurements from X-ray free-electron lasers (Nature Methods (2014) 11 (545-548))

Hattne, J., Echols, N., Tran, R., Kern, J., Gildea, R. J., Brewster, A. S., Alonso-Mori, R., Glöckner, C., Hellmich, J., Laksmono, H., Sierra, R. G., Lassalle-Kaiser, B., Lampe, A., Han, G., Gul, S., Difiore, D., Milathianaki, D., Fry, A. R., Miahnahri, A., White, W. E. & 21 others, Schafer, D. W., Seibert, M. M., Koglin, J. E., Sokaras, D., Weng, T. C., Sellberg, J., Latimer, M. J., Glatzel, P., Zwart, P. H., Grosse-Kunstleve, R. W., Bogan, M. J., Messerschmidt, M., Williams, G. J., Boutet, S., Messinger, J., Zouni, A., Yano, J., Bergmann, U., Yachandra, V. K., Adams, P. D. & Sauter, N. K., Jan 1 2015, In : Nature Methods. 12, 7, 1 p.

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Manifesto para as ciências sociais

Calhoun, C. & Wieviorka, M., Sep 1 2015, In : Sociedade e Estado. 30, 3, p. 597-627 31 p.

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Erratum: "linear and nonlinear conductance of ballistic quantum wires with hybrid confinement" (Journal of Applied Physics (2008) 103 (013701))

Kothari, H., Ramamoorthy, A., Akis, R., Goodnick, S., Ferry, D. K., Reno, J. L. & Bird, J. P., May 26 2008, In : Journal of Applied Physics. 103, 9, 099901.

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