Supplementary_Table_1_PancOutcomes – Supplemental material for Home-Based Exercise Prehabilitation During Preoperative Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Is Associated With Improvement in Physical Function and Quality of Life

  • Rhodora C. Fontillas (Contributor)
  • Rebecca Lee (Contributor)
  • Nathan H. Parker (Contributor)
  • Richard J. Simpson (Contributor)
  • Sunil K. Sahai (Contributor)
  • Matthew H. Katz (Contributor)
  • Maria Q.B. Petzel (Contributor)
  • Daniel P. O'Connor (Contributor)
  • Lianchun Xiao (Contributor)
  • Karen Basen-Engquist (Contributor)
  • An Ngo-Huang (Contributor)
  • David R. Fogelman (Contributor)
  • Eduardo Bruera (Contributor)
  • Xuemei Wang (Contributor)
  • Jeffrey E. Lee (Contributor)
  • Keri L. Schadler (Contributor)


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