Supplemental Material for Tran et al., 2018

  • Christos Consoulas (Contributor)
  • Stuart Newfeld (Contributor)
  • Nancy Lan Tran (Contributor)
  • N. T. Takaesu (Contributor)
  • Samuel L. Goldsmith (Contributor)
  • Agapi Dimitriadou (Contributor)



Table S1. dCORL mutant virgin and mated adult longevity defects compared to seven control lines.
Table S2. Mean & median longevity of dCORL virgin and mated adults with seven controls.

Table S3. Significant brain size reduction is present in Df(4)dCORL larvae but not adults.
Date made availableSep 1 2018
PublisherG3 - Genetics Society of America (GSA)

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