Raw Data File from The development of affiliative and coercive reproductive tactics in male chimpanzees

  • Rachna B. Reddy (Creator)
  • Kevin Langergraber (Creator)
  • Aaron A. Sandel (Creator)
  • Linda Vigilant (Creator)
  • John C. Mitani (Creator)



This file contains all raw data analyzed in this publication. Two datasets are provided, each in a separate sheet within this MS Excel file. One sheet comprises data on the social interactions between 30 adolescent and young adult male chimpanzees and 78 females, where each row represents a distinct male-female pair and each column a variable measured for that pair. The second sheet comprises paternity and maternity data for 105 offpsring where each row represents and offspring and each column variables measured for that offspring.
Date made available2020
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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