Optical ident. of BATC Sky Survey X-ray sources

  • Jun Ma (Contributor)
  • Haotong Zhang (Contributor)
  • Zhaoji Jiang (Contributor)
  • Suijian Xue (Contributor)
  • Zhenlong Zou (Contributor)
  • Hong Wu (Contributor)
  • J. S. Chen (Contributor)
  • David Burstein (Contributor)
  • Xu Zhou (Contributor)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'Multicolor photometric observations of candidate optical counterparts to ROSAT faint X-ray sources in a 1 square degree field of the BATC Survey.' (bibcode: 2004AJ....127.2579Z)
Date made availableJan 1 2004
PublisherStrasbourg Astronomical Data Center

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