NIKA maps of ClG J1226.9+3332 at 150 and 250GHz

  • R. Adam (Creator)
  • B. Comis (Creator)
  • J. F. Macias-Perez (Contributor)
  • A. Adane (Creator)
  • Peter A R Ade (Creator)
  • P. André (Contributor)
  • A. Beelen (Creator)
  • B. Belier (Creator)
  • A. Benoit (Contributor)
  • A. Bideaud (Creator)
  • N. Billot (Creator)
  • G. Blanquer (Creator)
  • O. Bourrion (Creator)
  • M. Calvo (Creator)
  • A. Catalano (Creator)
  • G. Coiffard (Creator)
  • A. Cruciani (Creator)
  • A. D'Addabbo (Creator)
  • F. X. Désert (Contributor)
  • S. Doyle (Creator)
  • J. Goupy (Creator)
  • C. Kramer (Creator)
  • S. Leclercq (Creator)
  • J. Martino (Creator)
  • Philip Mauskopf (Creator)
  • F. Mayet (Creator)
  • Alessandro Monfardini (Creator)
  • F. Pajot (Creator)
  • Enzo Pascale (Creator)
  • L. Perotto (Creator)
  • E. Pointecouteau (Creator)
  • N. Ponthieu (Creator)
  • V. Revéret (Contributor)
  • A. Ritacco (Creator)
  • L. Rodriguez (Creator)
  • G. Savini (Creator)
  • K. Schuster (Creator)
  • A. Sievers (Creator)
  • Carole Tucker (Creator)
  • R. Zylka (Creator)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomy & Astrophysics with title 'Pressure distribution of the high-redshift cluster of galaxies CL J1226.9+3332 with NIKA.' (bibcode: 2015A&A...576A..12A)
Date made available2015
PublisherStrasbourg Astronomical Data Center
  • Pressure distribution of the high-redshift cluster of galaxies CL J1226.9+3332 with NIKA

    Adam, R., Comis, B., MacÍas-Pérez, J. F., Adane, A., Ade, P., André, P., Beelen, A., Belier, B., Benoît, A., Bideaud, A., Billot, N., Blanquer, G., Bourrion, O., Calvo, M., Catalano, A., Coiffard, G., Cruciani, A., D'Addabbo, A., Désert, F. X., Doyle, S., & 20 othersGoupy, J., Kramer, C., Leclercq, S., Martino, J., Mauskopf, P., Mayet, F., Monfardini, A., Pajot, F., Pascale, E., Perotto, L., Pointecouteau, E., Ponthieu, N., Revéret, V., Ritacco, A., Rodriguez, L., Savini, G., Schuster, K., Sievers, A., Tucker, C. & Zylka, R., Apr 1 2015, In: Astronomy and Astrophysics. 576, A12.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    44 Scopus citations

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