Gemini/FLAMINGOS-2 NIR spectra of V1047 Cen

  • T. R. Geballe (Creator)
  • D. P K Banerjee (Contributor)
  • A. Evans (Creator)
  • R. D. Gehrz (Creator)
  • C. E. Woodward (Creator)
  • P. Mróz (Contributor)
  • A. Udalski (Creator)
  • U. Munari (Creator)
  • Sumner Starrfield (Creator)
  • K. L. Page (Creator)
  • K. Sokolovsky (Creator)
  • F. J. Hambsch (Creator)
  • G. Myers (Creator)
  • E. Aydi (Creator)
  • D. A.H. Buckley (Contributor)
  • Frederick M. Walter (Creator)
  • R. M. Wagner (Creator)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'Infrared spectroscopy of the recent outburst in V1047 Cen (Nova Centauri 2005).' (bibcode: 2019ApJ...886L..14G)
Date made available2021
PublisherStrasbourg Astronomical Data Center

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