Coherent diffraction of single Rice Dwarf Virus particles using hard X-rays at the Linac Coherent Light Source

  • I. A. Vartanyants (Contributor)
  • Hemanth K N Reddy (Contributor)
  • Richard Kirian (Contributor)
  • Benedikt J. Daurer (Contributor)
  • Filipe R.N.C. Maia (Contributor)
  • Chun Hong Yoon (Contributor)
  • Johan Bielecki (Contributor)
  • Garth J. Williams (Contributor)
  • Yoonhee Kim (Contributor)
  • Kenta Okamoto (Contributor)
  • Martin Svenda (Contributor)
  • A. Ourmazd (Contributor)
  • Peter Berntsen (Contributor)
  • Changyong Song (Contributor)
  • Richard J. Bean (Contributor)
  • Max Hantke (Contributor)
  • Hasan Demirci (Contributor)
  • Maximilian Bucher (Contributor)
  • Kartik Ayyer (Contributor)
  • S. Awel (Contributor)
  • Max Rose (Contributor)
  • Sébastien Boutet (Contributor)
  • Brenda Hogue (Contributor)
  • Daewoong Nam (Contributor)
  • Kerstin Mühlig (Contributor)
  • Janos Hajdu (Contributor)
  • Daniel S D Larsson (Contributor)
  • Andrew Aquila (Contributor)
  • Ahmad Hosseinizadeh (Contributor)
  • Anton Barty (Contributor)
  • Nicusor Timneanu (Contributor)
  • Daniel Westphal (Contributor)
  • Petra Fromme (Contributor)
  • P. Lourdu Xavier (Contributor)
  • Carl Nettelblad (Contributor)
  • G. Nelson (Contributor)
  • Ti Yen Lan (Contributor)
  • Akifumi Higashiura (Contributor)
  • Gijs Van Der Schot (Contributor)
  • Haiguang Liu (Contributor)
  • Henry N. Chapman (Contributor)
  • M. Wiedorn (Contributor)
  • Adrian P. Mancuso (Contributor)
  • Jonas Alexander Sellberg (Contributor)
  • Raymond Sierra (Contributor)
  • N. D. Loh (Contributor)
  • Atsushi Nakagawa (Contributor)
  • Peter Schwander (Contributor)
  • M. Marvin Seibert (Contributor)
  • Veit Elser (Contributor)
  • Anna Munke (Contributor)
  • Jakob Andreasson (Contributor)
  • James D. Zook (Contributor)



Single particle diffractive imaging data from Rice Dwarf Virus (RDV) were recorded using the Coherent X-ray Imaging (CXI) instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS). RDV was chosen as it is a well-characterized model system, useful for proof-of-principle experiments, system optimization and algorithm development. RDV, an icosahedral virus of about 70 nm in diameter, was aerosolized and injected into the approximately 0.1 µm diameter focused hard X-ray beam at the CXI instrument of LCLS. Diffraction patterns from RDV with signal to 5.9 Ångström were recorded. The diffraction data are available through the Coherent X-ray Imaging Data Bank (CXIDB) as a resource for algorithm development, the contents of which are described here.
Date made availableJan 1 2016
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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