Additional file 1 of OpenBiodiv-O: ontology of the OpenBiodiv knowledge management system

  • Donat Agosti (Contributor)
  • Nico Franz (Contributor)
  • Guido Sautter (Contributor)
  • Viktor Senderov (Contributor)
  • Lyubomir Penev (Contributor)
  • Robert A. Morris (Contributor)
  • Kiril Simov (Contributor)
  • Pavel Stoev (Contributor)
  • Terry Catapano (Contributor)



Ontology is a plain text file containing statements in the Turtle syntax forming OpenBiodiv-O. It can be edited in a text (e.g. Sublime Text, Emacs, etc.) or in an ontology editor (e.g. ProtĂŠgĂŠ). It can be loaded it into a triple store (e.g. GraphDB). The prefixes that are used throughout this manuscript are defined at the beginning. This file corresponds to < >. (TXT 22 kb)
Date made availableJan 18 2018
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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