757 traces of 1983 coseismic ruptures and Quaternary fault scarps from key-areas of the Lost River Fault (Idaho, USA) with location and geometric characteristics

  • Tyler Scott (Contributor)
  • Francesco Brozzetti (Contributor)
  • Rita de Nardis (Contributor)
  • Simone Bello (Contributor)
  • Daniele Cirillo (Contributor)
  • Chelsea Scott (Contributor)
  • Federica Ferrarini (Contributor)
  • Giusy Lavecchia (Contributor)
  • Ramon Arrowsmith (Contributor)



Abstract: This dataset includes 757 records in 21 fields that include location and geometric characteristics of 1983 coseismic ruptures and Quaternary fault scarps traces from the Lost River Fault, Idaho, USA.

Category: geoscientificInformation

Source: Not Available

Supplemental Information: Fault segment name: Text indicating the acronym of the fault segment along which the measurement was acquired; (Challis Segment = CS; Warm Springs Segment = WSS; Thousand Springs Segment = TSS; Mackay Segment = MS; Pass Creek Segment = PCS; Arco Segment = AS; Lone Pine Fault = LPF).

Segment average Dip Direction: number indicating the direction of the segment dip with respect to the North.

Synthetic/Antithetic (short name: Syn/Ant): The Lost River Fault is a SW-dipping fault; This field summarizes the information obtainable from the dip direction of each trace, as it categorizes all the traces with the same dip direction of the LRF (synthetic) and all the traces with dip direction opposite to the LRF (antithetic).

Coverage: EVENT LABEL: Lost-River-Fault * LATITUDE: 44.192000 * LONGITUDE: -113.883200 * ELEVATION: 2252.0 m * LOCATION: Idaho, USA
Date made availableJul 28 2020

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